Monday, March 28, 2011


with the name of Allah the most precious and most merciful..
peace be upon all the's your day today...hope all of us made a meaningful activities today and become a more productive person....
seriously for the introduction...I've swear to myself that I would write this blog in english rather than malay language since I've got a grade B in my english SPM subject...eventhough it's a broken english as long as I can understand what I've wrote.
so why I choose blogging as my part time activities....first of all...I am a blog walker which means I love to read other peoples's blog.and the policy of blogging we can write whatever we want....and that what we call freedom of writing....
but sometimes this kind of freedom can bring a disaster to the world eventhough just by writing in the blog...yeah thats all...for this time...I don't want to write it long because it will a boring writing to the readers...wassalam and may Allah will always bless us with His lights and always keep us in the right path to our true detinations..

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