Tuesday, November 29, 2011


fortunately..this time around would be a long day for me to spend my holidays with my family...yeah holiday still be the same holiday...trust me this one whole month will passing by without I realize it..why I said like that becoz based on my past experience...my past holiday was just been wasted with all useless thing that don't bring any benefit for me as a student....
So for this time around I promise myself( perhaps become a reality) that I will use this holiday as maximum as I could so that this time somehow will become an useful output to bring back to MCB...InsyaAllah...
yeah..My life as an IB student is a great experience as I learned a lot for the past semester 1...a lot pressure been took from me..but to me I take it slow n steady...I believe that all the challenges I received is from Allah and I totally believe that this sort of challenges will be useful for me for the future...This experience will be kind of experiment so that mistakes that been done wouldn't be repeated...
back to title..Silent has been a common for me...as I rather be a silent person rather than talk nonsense non stop ( u know what I meant)...but this kind of habit have their own cont where it will loose your self confident to speak your opinion...and this thing I realise when I am in college...I remembered my English teacher once said that 'people would not give an opportunity you,you must search for it n grab it, definitely world is unfair for all of us'..yeah she said it when IOP session..
So to make this thing clear...you somehow must voice out your opinion whether in a discussion or just talking with your friends...because maybe our litte opinion is useful and can produce something that outstanding...that's the point of discussion as all opinions of the members are counted...
that's all for today...
*My point is that silent doesn't mean you don't know anything, but sometimes being silence will be a first bad impression towards you...

Monday, November 28, 2011

ketenangan hidup..

always kalau nk cari ketenangan hidup ini kadang2 x sempat ( especially for IB students).huhu....anyway...as a student...ana sempat mncari masa utk mencari ketenangan ini yang bukan semua boleh kecapi....waktu yang paling sesuai adalah ketika sebelum tidur di mana kadang2( x istiqamah sebenarnya) solat taubat dan hajat...
Ana sedar bahawa tanggungjawab sebagai pelajar ini adalah amanah Allah...n somehow, by hook or by crook, ana mesti belajar and never ever give up...Ana percaya dan yakin bahawa peluang kedau yang telah diberikan Allah ini mesti digunakan dengan sebaik mungkin bcoz bukan semua deserve a second chance...
To be conclude...kesibukan dunia tidak bermakna seorang muslim itu tidak mempunyai masa utk mengisi ruang bagi memperbaiki iman...ketenangan hidup itu adalah milik Alah...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Every time I hear this song, I kept promising myself that I will not do sins that I had do long time ago....

Monday, April 25, 2011


with name of ALLAH the most gracious and most merciful....Peace be upon you all.
what I can say that the interview is simple and require for us to communicate in a group which 8 students in it.hmm..I realise that I don't speak a lot but just excited do the project(spaghetti bridge). My leadership skill improve and me and other friend manage to do the bridge effectively. ALHAMDULILLAH...the 500gram tin of sardine did not broke the bridge that we built when the interviewer put on top the branches of spaghetti. I happy with the result...BUT I dissapoint with myself because did not talk too much during the interview. If given much more time, I will want to talk a lot more with the interviewer about my planned career. but seems the interview only ask about the bridge, so we got to focus on the bridge larh...hahaha....thanks to all members of the group that give cooperation until we managed to build a strong bridge....As conclusion of the interview,it only emphasise teamwork and communication skills..these 2 main thing is important if we want to be an ENGINEER...lastly, I hope I got the MARA SCHOLARSHIP and able to continue my studies in FRANCE ENGINEERING....INSYAALLAH...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


so what I going to prepare for this interview....hmmmm????
so basically I'm choosing FRANCE ENGINEERING for none reason during I apply online the MARA scholarship......and I guess rezqi is by my side.....I got the chance for the interview.....so I got to prepare for the ultimate interview.....just like evrybody said....there's no 2nd chance....I must use this chance correctly...by hook or by crook.....so straight to the question that might be or MUST be ask by the interviewer.....

what u know bout ur course
so exactly what I know about ENGINEERING is that it involve versatility, creativity, leadership and communication skills...for long time,engineering is quite important in our daily lives...all machines that work nowaday had been 'touch' by engineer. I want to be an engineer because for lot of reasons...
* I want to save earth from disaster
* I want to contribute to nation so that our life can be much easier..
* I want to show that a MUSLIM can be a good engineer and known for entire world.
* I want to fulfill the demanding jobs that government provide for upcoming engineer

y mara not jpa
firstly as we all know MARA is for bumis...and thats make me chose MARA scholarship...2nd, 10th MALAYSIA PLAN, MARA SCHOLARSHIP will increase its scholar to 128,800 students which is 20,000 students more thans last year...I found the chances is higher and I strive for one of the 128,800 places..3rd,if I choose MARA, I will not get bonded to mara after I graduate which is vice versa form JPA which will get bonded after graduate...this means I can choose where to further my career. although to practical, work or continue my PhD...and that doesn't mean that I will not contribute to my country..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Apa ada pada nama?