Sunday, April 24, 2011


so what I going to prepare for this interview....hmmmm????
so basically I'm choosing FRANCE ENGINEERING for none reason during I apply online the MARA scholarship......and I guess rezqi is by my side.....I got the chance for the I got to prepare for the ultimate interview.....just like evrybody said....there's no 2nd chance....I must use this chance hook or by straight to the question that might be or MUST be ask by the interviewer.....

what u know bout ur course
so exactly what I know about ENGINEERING is that it involve versatility, creativity, leadership and communication skills...for long time,engineering is quite important in our daily lives...all machines that work nowaday had been 'touch' by engineer. I want to be an engineer because for lot of reasons...
* I want to save earth from disaster
* I want to contribute to nation so that our life can be much easier..
* I want to show that a MUSLIM can be a good engineer and known for entire world.
* I want to fulfill the demanding jobs that government provide for upcoming engineer

y mara not jpa
firstly as we all know MARA is for bumis...and thats make me chose MARA scholarship...2nd, 10th MALAYSIA PLAN, MARA SCHOLARSHIP will increase its scholar to 128,800 students which is 20,000 students more thans last year...I found the chances is higher and I strive for one of the 128,800 places..3rd,if I choose MARA, I will not get bonded to mara after I graduate which is vice versa form JPA which will get bonded after graduate...this means I can choose where to further my career. although to practical, work or continue my PhD...and that doesn't mean that I will not contribute to my country..

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